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Hi, I am Dr Seema  gulati. I am a qualified occupational Therapist from ‘’THE INSTITUTE FOR THE PHYSICALLY HANDICAPPED, NEW DELHI   BATCH-1986. I have been working with special children since last 25 years.
I am registered with ‘’ THE REHABLITATION COUNCIL OF INDIA NEW DELHI’’                                                               

I am registered with ‘’ ALL INDIA OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST ASSOCIATION [ REGN NO.3743 ] Read More......          









Physio therapy

Occupational  therapy   

Speech therapy

Special  education

Sensory integration therapy.         




DIA   4 Years old female  C\O PDD
Focus on writing skills, color concept, language development, sitting   behaviour

GAURAV 10 Years old male C\O Dyslexia
Focus on English and Hindi reading ability, simple addition and multiplication.

RISHI 3 Years old male C\O Cerebral palsy
Focus on proper stretching, side walking, and independent standing.

VIAN 6 Years old male C\O Global developmental delay
Focus on regular stretching, maintain proper walking pattern.